Frequently Asked Questions

oneM2M is a global community that develops standards for IoT/M2M. It defines a horizontal architecture providing common service functions which are exposed through uniform APIs. The standardized APIs abstracts the complex aspects such as underlying device management technologies, network technologies, connectivity choices, secure communication and data formats from an IoT application provider.

For oneM2M resources, payloads, current deployments, specification and relevant sections, please refer our oneM2M Guide page. For more details on oneM2M, refer

CCSP is C-DOT Common Service Platform. It is oneM2M standard Based platform. It supports 11 common service functions such as registration, discovery, group management, security and subscription and notification etc. along with many advanced functionalities such as NB-IoT, semantics, flexContainer, timeSeries and device management.

CCSP is a horizontal common service layer for IoT/M2M based on oneM2M standards. It has set of common service functions implemented required for IoT/M2M. These common service functions are derived after use cases study from several M2M verticals such as energy, transport, smart buildings etc. Hence CCSP supports common requirements across M2M verticals.

CCSP is a standard based IoT/M2M platform. It implements oneM2M resources for achieving M2M requirements. It is tested for interoperability and conformance in several oneM2M INTEROP events. It supports storage of data in a standards format. It also supports semantics for data. CCSP helps M2M application provider in developing sustainable M2M applications by following core sustainability principles such as interoperable, modular, reusable and scalable. With standard based interoperable solution, an M2M application provider can develop application faster with freedom to choose different components from different vendors. It allows M2M Application provider to choose from multiple M2M service provider, hence avoiding tight coupling to one M2M service provider unlike proprietary solution.

For free trial of limited period, use "Register for Collaboration" link. Since Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signing is a mandatory step as per C-DOT policy, you shall receive NDA form for signing. Once the NDA is signed and verified, you shall receive link for providing application details. Within 2 working days, you shall receive Sign in details for signing in CCSP portal. After signing in, please refer to Application onboarding manual document and watch tutorial to come onboard.

This may happen if application details provided by you couldn't be verified.

This may happen if NDA form is not submitted/signed/verified. You can send us email at to learn more.

It may happen when the details provided by you could not be verified. If you don't receive sign in details mail in 2 working days, please send us email at

Only those who have signed up for services or have come in service agreement can access CCSP services. Once an M2M service agreement is created for M2M application provider then user can sign in and can download configuration files for applications. Using the provided in configuration files, certificate for devices can be generated. Once key and certificate is loaded onto the device for application, it can access the CCSP services with the information provided in configuration file.

CCSP supports HTTP, MQTT and CoAP protocol bindings.

CCSP supports XML/JSON data formats.

CCSP implements security features mandated by oneM2M. It allows only those applications or devices which are known and have been authenticated by CCSP to access its services.

CCSP implements access control policy based authorization mechanism. Only those who are authorized to access the resources are allowed to access the resources.

By allowing other applications to be able to subscribe to the data you want to share.

Support for application development is chargeable and would require a service agreement with us.

Resources can be viewed by issuing retrieve request to CCSP.
CCSP also provides Resource Tree Viewer product for viewing of application wise resources. This is a subscription based chargeable service.

CCSP is a software layer supporting data exchange in XML/JSON format. CCSP service layer expects XML/JSON payloads of oneM2M resources. If end device wants to communicate directly with CCSP then it is required to implement security and require to modify XML/JSON payloads to align with oneM2M resources. However, a constrained device may send/receive the XML/JSON payload with minimal modifications.

You will not be able to avail CCSP services. Though your service subscription and other details will remain available with us. You can reach out to us within 3 months for activation of service subscription.

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